5 Kitchen Appliances we can’t live without


A beautiful kitchen is life-changing, but great everyday appliances are a must. Here are five appliances we swear by—

(1) The new Nespresso by Delonghi Cappuccino machine. Not only is this machine versatile, but its design is flawless. Why we love it: With a froth-controlled milk steaming compartment, one button self-cleaning system, and a fantastic price point, this coffee system is at the top of our list.


(2) Matte Black Kitchen Aid Mixer. A classic kitchen appliance in a subtle matte finish. Why we love it: This kitchen staple makes preparation a breeze, and the stunning matte black finish is timeless.


(3) Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Available in an array of colors, we are convinced that food tastes different when cooked in cast iron. Why we love it: Dishes cook more evenly, you can transfer a stove-top dish directly in to the oven, and the finishes and quality is beautiful.


(4) Vitamix Blender. A great blender is a must. Why we love it: This slimmer model takes up less counter space and is quieter than the previous models, yet still just as powerful.


(5) Marble Pastry Board. A slab of white marble for baking and food prep. Why we love it: Doubles as serveware for cheese and doesn’t hold in fragrance from garlic or herbs like wood cutting boards.