How to Make a Trendy Tile Timeless


We’ve curated some of our new favorite tile trends. When we select a “trendy” tile, we make sure it is timeless— meaning we choose only one bold element, like color, pattern, texture, material or even placement. Below are some examples of trendy tiles that can make a statement, yet still last a lifetime.


When choosing the ever so bold and trendy cement tile, try to stick to a neutral or subtle color, since the style is so striking. Geometric shapes and patterns can really have a huge impact on a design. We are obsessing over chevron and herringbone at the moment. For our clients, the key is to strategically coordinate these bold patterns into our design. Creating a focal point while keeping all other materials subtle and minimal will successfully create a breathtaking, yet timeless design.

Rustic wood and concrete styles are huge right now. These may never go out of style. With these, we still stand by the rule of ’keep it simple’. Try choosing a tile with a neutral undertone, since color is rarely found in natural materials.

All the above tile designs and patterns are available in our showroom.